Saturday, June 10, 2017

Last Boat Project

I finished my last boat project yesterday, a complete electrical rewiring project on a Catalina 32.  The wiring on the boat was an absolute mess and stuff was located all over the place.

  Nothing was labeled, no color codes were followed, push on terminals were soldered to breakers and the panel back lighting was from the Flintstones!

After cleaning out all of the old wiring:
I started from scratch.  I install a new Starboard mounting board for the new bus bars.

Then, since the old wiring harness was old brittle untinned copper wire, I ran new marine grade wiring from the DC terminal strip up to the new Blue Sea Systems breaker panel.

The final steps in this project included reinstalling the VHF and AM/FM radio in more accessible locations, removing and replacing an old Heart Interface inverter/charger, installing a LinkLite battery monitor, replacing the galvanic isolator, testing each circuit and then cleaning up my mess!

Now that I'm finished I can focus on our upcoming move to Kerrville!

We nearly filled up the first POD, a 16 footer and then this was picked up and a smaller 7 footer was left behind.  Will finish gutting the house on Wednesday 14 June and then this last POD will join it big brother enroute to storage in San Antonio.
Podzilla with POD Jr on the way to our drive.

Bye for now!


  1. Wow Bobby. I have seen neater bowls of Spaghetti!

  2. I shall have to call you the Pasta King! The man who makes calm from Chaos!