Friday, July 6, 2012

New Water Tank - IP-31

I just received the new plastic water tank for the Island Packet 31 that I am working on.  The tank is made by Duraweld in Lake Worth, Florida.  The tank is pricey but is very well constructed and includes an internal baffle.

The new tank is slightly smaller than the old.  I cut it down on the bottom edge so that I could get it out of the forward berth and then up the companionway.  The cut was along the bottom edge reducing the overall height of the tank to 19.5" - the opening that I had to get thru is 20"!

Locations of the fill and vent fittings remained nearly the same but the water outlet fitting was moved vertically.

Old tank had two large inspection ports cut into the top.  The new tank has a screw in inspection port.
No more worries of chlorinated water in this new tank.

Next I have to glass in the new tank bed then frame up the side support structure using plywood and pour in expandable foam.  The tank has to be supported on the bottom and sides to maintain structural integrity.

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